When I uploaded the first Ball with Hat, 500 days ago, I knew that I wanted to end it well. I knew that my journey would take me across the globe on hundreds of adventures, all within the 780 x 520 confines of a simple black frame, but that it would eventually come to an end. I can’t say how much I’ve grown since I started in those early days, and how much I’ve learned. I’ve become rather attached to that funny old Ball, and I’m sorry to see him go. More than that, though, I’m sorry to see all of you go; you, the community that I’ve grown to love. You’re not a fan base of millions, but you all share something with me. You share my love for culture, for life, for adventure. You share my love for art, for doodles, for crazy harebrained schemes that, somehow, become something magical. I’ll never forget that.

Perhaps we’ll meet again some day.